Flea, Tick and Worm Control



Fleas are a common problem in this area throughout most of the year as not only is it very warm during the summer, but we have few frosts and a lot of people live in centrally heated houses with carpets, which fleas love! We therefore recommend that people use a modern spot-on or collar to control fleas throughout the year. 

Different flea products work on the various stages of the life cycle. If you are having a problem with fleas on your pet or in your house, why not make an appointment to see a nurse for more advice. 


Some pets never seem to get ticks, some get them every day! Ticks go though a complicated life-cycle during which they can pick up Lyme's Disease that causes problems to dogs and humans. For dogs and cats that pick up ticks there are a number of very efficient spot-ons and/or collars that repel and/or kill ticks. 


Some worms that are carried by pets e.g.roundworm (Toxocara) and tapeworm (Echinococcus), can cause illness in people. All pets pick up roundworms when they are young, and should be wormed routinely depending on your and  their lifestyle. Babies and small children are especially at risk. Tapeworms are not a common problem in this area unless your cat is a hunter! Canine Lungworm (French Heartworm) does occur, but at present we do not think it is something pets can pick up in this area.


If you would like further advice or are having problems, please make an appointment to see one of our nurses. If you buy your flea, tick and worm control products from us, this appointment is free, otherwise there will be a charge.

Flea Control and Worm Control are practice leaflets to give you further information.