All Creatures Great and Small


As well as cats, dogs and rabbits we are also happy to care for your ‘exotic’ pets. This includes ‘small furries’ (such as guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, hamsters and chinchillas), birds (caged/aviary birds and poultry), reptiles and chelonians (lizards,       geckoes, tortoises, turtles and terrapins).

For these creatures (as for all our patients), the best way to ensure you have a happy, healthy pet is to make sure you are providing them with the environment, diet and basic healthcare that they need. These needs vary widely between species, and your vet will be happy to discuss your pet’s needs with you.

Of course, we are also here to care for your pet if they become unwell.  From trimming beaks and claws to dental surgery, a pre-hibernation check for your tortoise or an egg-bound hen, our vets are here to help! Just call the practice to book an appointment.




We also have some helpful handouts and links for you here: 



A Tortoise Weighing In                                                                   Examining a Hen