Behavioural Consultations


The mental wellbeing is as important as the physical wellbeing of your pet. Every animal is an individual, and sometimes behavioural issues can cause disruption to our daily lives and affect our relationships with our pets.

Sometimes, despite best intentions as owners, genetics, breed and individual experience can cause a dog to display problem behaviour, which although natural to their species, is not compatible with our lifestyle. Because of this we offer Behavioural Consultations with a fully trained Companion Animal Behaviour Counsellor to offer advice and support when these problems arise.

Behavioural problems can sometimes be caused by physical issues such as pain, hormone imbalances or hearing and sight issues, so we like the pet to be examined by a vet to rule out physical causes before referring to our behaviour counsellor. 

Before a behavioural consultation can take place, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire and return it to either surgery for the attention of our Behaviour Counsellor. She will then contact you to arrange for a consultation to take place.

Consultations are typically 2 hours long and are done in the comfort of your home so that we can assess the problem in a natural setting. A full history will be taken which helps us to consider the problem as a whole; behaviour issues can be complex.

We will then offer advice on training and behaviour modification based on scientific learning theory and positive motivational training. Animals learn in the same way as people and reward based techniques can be highly effective in making your dog easier to live with.

You will also be given a detailed report outlining everything discussed and the offer of follow-up telephone advice and support.

Behavioural and training problems are very common, so don't suffer in silence, contact us as soon as a problem occurs and we will do our best to help.

Click here to download the Behavioural Referral Questionnaire