There are a large number of skin disorders known to affect pets. These disorders may be the result of single or multiple conditions. Because many of these diseases bear close symptomatic resemblance to one another, proper diagnoses and treatment often requires the consultation of a vet with a special interest in this area.

We can offer you a wide range of dermatological diagnostics, including:

    • - Skin scrapes and hair plucks
    • - Fungal and bacterial cultures
    • - Cytology
    • - Biopsy for histology and/or bacterial culture
    • - Allergy testing - both serum and intradermal

While all of our vets can help you to understand your pet's dermatological problems, Rosie Beacham has a certificate in Veterinary Dermatology and has been working with dermatological problems for the last twenty years. She is always happy to take on new cases.

Diagnosing the cause of skin problems can be like detective work - ruling out one possibility at a time. It is important to use a methodical approach to be certain of the root cause, and we try simple solutions before offering more expensive diagnostics and treatments. We will obtain an extensive history from you, in addition to a physical and dermatological examination of your pet. Skin diseases can be frustrating for pet owners because some can only be managed and not resolved. In these cases, we will need to see your pet on a routine basis for follow-up care and continued treatment.

Some of the dermatological conditions we see are:

    • - Flea allergy dermatitis
    • - Atopy -environmental allergy
    • - Otitis - ear disease
    • - Bacterial diseases
    • - Parasitic skin diseases
    • - Fungal skin diseases, e.g. ringworm
    • - Food allergy
    • - Skin cancer
    • - Skin diseases of the foot or nail
    • - Seborrhoea and acne
    • - Alopecia - hair loss
    • - Nutritional skin disease
    • - Endocrine and metabolic skin disease
    • - Auto-immune skin disease
    • - Drug reactions