In-house Laboratory


Our in-house laboratory allows us to perform many types of testing that can be an aid to the diagnosis and treatment of your pet and this can be done 24 hours a day without the need to send samples off to external laboratories in most cases.

We are able to perform many tests as they are needed for your pet's care, including:

    • - Blood tests
    • - Urine tests
    • - Skin scrapes
    • - Faecal examinations - testing for the presence of worms
    • - Ear cytology
    • - Tumour cytology
    • - Skin cytology
    • - Complete blood counts
    • - Blood chemistry
    • - Blood gases
    • - Pancreas testing
    • - Thyroid testing


Rabbit ear mites

Guinea Pig fur mites

Mast cell tumour


Bacterial Infection of ear

Yeast Infection of ear

Pseudomonas infection of ear

We also use an external laboratory for some further tests such as bacterial cultures, fungal cultures, vaccine titres, cytology and histocytology.