In-Patient Care

It is our policy to offer over night in-patient care according to the needs of the patient. 

It is the responsibility of the Duty Vet to establish what level of care is required by each individual case. 


Nursing staff are on the premises each evening and it is their responsibility to ensure that the Duty Vet's instructions are carried out, these may include: 

 - Informing the Duty Vet if the animal’s condition 

changes significantly. 

 - Administering any simple treatments 

 - Removing food/water bowls as indicated. 

 - Moving animal into new kennel or changing litter 

trays as necessary. 

 - Checking drips are running correctly. 

 - Taking dogs out to pass urine in the 

evening/morning where appropriate. 



The Duty Nurse/Resident Vet is responsible for checking in-patients between 9pm & 11pm as well as between 6am & 8am as necessary. 

If the Duty Vet requires a higher level of support for a particular animal, this will be arranged with the Duty Nurse.

Provision can be made for close circuit TV monitoring or for the Duty Nurse to sleep in and monitor on an hourly basis. 

Clients should realize that high-level in-patient care is very labour intensive and is therefore charged accordingly.