Minimally Invasive Surgery


This is the name given to what is normally called endoscopic surgery.

It means that we make two or three very small holes in your pet and use a very narrow tube with a camera system to show images of what we can see on a monitor. We can usually operate using special instruments through another hole or down an instrument channel. Often we use this system to operate in the abdomen, especially to take biopsies of things like the liver and kidneys, however there are many other uses.

As a practice we have four Endoscopy systems: 2.7mm and 5mm Rigid systems and 7mm and 3.5mm flexible systems. This allows us to explore most areas with the least amount of trauma and pain for your pet, and lets us sort out problems that would otherwise have to be referred, usually at much greater expense.

 More details of endoscopy can be found on the Endoscopy and Otoscopy page.