Veterinary Ophthalmology

- caring for your pets eyes

Animals can suffer from eye problems that are similar to those that affect humans as well as diseases that are unique to each species. We believe that treatment of eye diseases can contribute greatly to the quality of your pet's life.

Whilst all of our vets can diagnose and treat many diseases and injuries of the eye, Kate Lord has a certificate in Veterinary Ophthalmology and can carry out many surgical and other procedures to rectify problems.

Such procedures include:

    • - Eyelid surgery
    • - Reconstructive surgery
    • - Corneal surgery
    • - Ocular ultrasound
    • - Intraocular lens removal (lendectomy)

Our surgery is equipped with highly specialized equipment that we use to evaluate and diagnose eye issues, including:

    • - Instruments used for measuring intraocular pressure (tono pen)
    • - Indirect ophthalmoscopes for retinal exams
    • - Fluorescein stain to diagnose corneal scratches or ulcers and Rose Bengal stain to diagnose viral ulcers in cats.
    • - Schirmer tear test strips to diagnose 'dry eye'
    • - Slit lamp for evaluation of the anterior chamber of the eye