Orthopaedic Surgery


The practice is equipped to carry out quite a large number of orthopaedic procedures, including fracture repairs using external fixators, intra-medullary pins and bone plating. These are generally carried out following trauma such as road traffic accidents.

The practice also routinely carries out  operations to help cases of cruciate ligament rupture in the knee joint. These often present as sudden onset lameness following an overload injury to the ligament. Common causes of this are trapping a foot in a hole whilst running, or cornering at speed whilst pivoting on one leg. 

The surgery is generally very successful as long as post operative care is managed well; the dog being restricted from much activity for six weeks or so after the operation, with the aim of a full return to exercise within 3 to 4 months. Control of diet is also important to prevent the dog becoming overweight.

Most orthopaedic  surgery is carried out by Roger Wilson or Janine Redman.  Spinal surgery and more complicated procedures are usually referred to specialist referral centres.