There are many physical rehabilitation techniques that can be suitable for our pets. Some need special training so are only available in the surgery, but many can be adapted for you to use on your pet at home.

Physical rehabilitation can be used for:

    • - Post-operative cases, for pain management and an improved rate of recovery and to speed up the return of function.
    • - Conservative treatment in arthritic patients, again for pain management, but also for the maintenance and rebuilding of muscle mass and improvement of joint function.
    • - Weight control, diet is obviously vital, but also therapy can help if there are painful problems, in the management of that pain, maintaining muscle mass, joint function and cardiovascular training.
    • - Return to function focussing on soft tissues

It is important that the various therapy techniques are used correctly or they can cause more harm than good. We recommend a thorough assessment of your pet so that the appropriate techniques can be employed and a programme devised for you to continue at home.